AmiLife® Sunflower Lecithin Liquid


AmiLife® Standard Sunflower Liquid Lecithin obtained from refining of Sunflower Oil. It can be used as an Emulsifier, Wetting agent, Dispersing agent, Stabilizing agent, Viscosity Reducing agent, Anti spattering agent, Mixing & Blending agents, Release agent, Conditioning, Lipotropic Surface Active agent and as an Emollient and Antioxidant.
It has its advantage over Soya lecithin as it is allergen free. Its 100% NON GMO with no allergen along with emulsification, it also adds value to the nutrition of the product being rich in Phospholipids, It is found as an ingredient in many products.


AmiLife® Standard Sunflower Liquid Lecithin Natural Emulsifying, Anti-wetting Agent, Release Agent, Stabilizing, Conditioning, Anti-Oxidant, Nutrition, Source of Choline and Phospholipids.

Parameters Specification Test Method
Appearance Semi Liquid/ Viscous Syrup Visual
Color Light Yellow to Dark Brown Visual
Flavor Typical Predominantly Sunflower Organoleptic
Odor Typical Predominantly Sunflower Organoleptic
Acetone Insoluble Min 60 % AOCS Ja 4-46 (2009)
Acid Value Max 35 KOH/gm AOCS Ja 6-55 (2009)
Moisture Max. 1 % AOCS Ja 2b-87
Peroxide Value Max 5 meq/kg AOCS Ja 8-87 (2009)
Hexane Insoluble Max 0.3 % AOCS Ja 3-87 (2009)
Toluene Insoluble Max 0.3 % IS 5055:1996
Color Gardner Max. 14 Gardner
Transgenic DNA
Negative, if positive only cross
contamination with species
approved in Europe
PCR Real time
Species Soya Absent PCR Real time
ELISA for indication of
Soya Protein
< 2.5 ppm PCR Real time
Total Plate Count Max. 1000 cfu/g IS 5402
Salmonella Negative / 25 gm IS 5887 Part 3
E. Coli Absent cfu/g IS 14397
Entrobacteriaceae <10 cfu/g IS 5402
Coliforms <10 cfu/g IS 5401 part 1 & 2
Yeast & Mould Max. 100 cfu/g IS 5403
SHELF LIFE AmiLife® Standard Sunflower Liquid Lecithin 18 months-In unopened original packing under recommended storage.
PACKING 200 / 240 / 250 Kgs. MS / HDPE Barrels
1000 kgs IBC, Bulk in ISO Tank Containers, Bulk in Flexi Tanks.

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