Inhouse Modern Quality Control Lab

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The key focus of our Quality Operations is Food Safety. It forms the very core of all our standardization procedures, methodologies, operational patterns and underlying activities.

Amitex Agro Product PVT. LTD. (AAPPL) has incorporated stringent in-house measures to ensure the quality system and delivery of quality food-safe products. This has been evolved by the innovative and advanced technologies and processes, methods to ensure customer-safe, quality products.

Amitex Agro Product PVT. LTD. (AAPPL) has skilled personnel in quality control lab and the laboratory which is equipped with the latest instruments and tools that aid in helping keep a check on the food safety and quality and follow all specifications. We have In-house lab for UHPLC for Analyzed Phosphatidyl choline Purity and various other analysis of Phospholipids.

Amitex Agro Product PVT. LTD. (AAPPL) has In-house lab for testing GMO content and Non Gmo RT‐ PCR machine Quaint Studio 5 for GMO and NON GMO testing. This RT-PCR machine is also used for Microbiology analysis.
Amitex have set up In-house Microbiology lab with all the latest equipment for testing Soya and other value added products and water testing facility to ensure product safety and quality to meet customer demands and also shelf life studies.

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