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The many applications of Lecithins


Alerts the viscosity, improves flow properties and prevents whitening


Facilities demoulding, homogenizes the dough and reduces cracking


Helps smooth the dough, improves bread’s shelf life and porosity


Increases the homogeneity of mixtures, facilitates implementation and finishing


Lecithin also helps flight dry and damaged skin, working effectively as a moisturizer, Lecithin can create healtheir, softer, better moisturized skin with reguler use.

Pharmaceutical Application

Lecithin provides prophylaxis against cardiac disorders, arteriosclerosis & helps maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. Lecithin and its components provide nutritional support for the brain function.

1. Standard Fluid Lecithin

    1. a.  Emulsifying and refattening agent for ointments
    1. b.  Emulsifying agent in liquid emulsions
    1. c.  Cosmetically, it may be added to moisturizers, makeup, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, lip balms, and many other products.
    1. d.  Lecithin is an important ingredient in chocolate, caramels, confectionary coatings for spattering control, to prevent crystallization, and as an emulsifier.
    1. e.  Bakers also employ lecithin for its ability to help dough rise, create uniformity and suspension in the batter, and to lessen the dough’s tendency to be    sticky while kneading.

2. De-Oiled Soya Lecithin

    1. a.  Wetting and dispersing agent for tablets and powders
    1. b.  Release agent for capsules
    1. c.  Fat crystallization delay in suppositories
    1. d.  Medicated confectionery
    1. e.  Conventional chewing gum
    1. f.  Oral nutrition supplements
    1. g.  Choline source
    1. h.  Cholesterol controlling supplements
    1. i.  Liver protecting formulations

3. Soya Phosphatidyl Choline- 35 and Soya Phosphatidyl Choline- 30 Powder

      1. a.

 Phosphatidyl Choline

    1. is an important substance for human body especially brain, heart, liver, and kidney because Lecithin is the most important    component for cell structure. Lecithin is derived from soy bean and is rich in the nutrients Phosphatidyl Choline (PC).
    1. b.  PC acts as a supplier of choline, which is needed for cell membrane integrity and to facilitate the movement of fats.

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